Smart Spaces help you build an experience unique to each individual utilizing beacons and our flexible online platform. No need to build a new app!


Interact with your surroundings!

Are certain new areas of your venue underutilized?

Offer meaningful localized experiences to your visitors

Do you struggle with communicating location-specific info to visitors?

Do people tend to get lost at your venue?


Mobile App

Proximity activates venue content on visitors mobile device. No need to create a brand new app to integrate a beacons SDK. We deliver and brand our standard Smart Spaces beacon app for each individual venue.

Beacon Fleet Management

The venue staff is able to easily update all the content mapped to each beacon from the Smart Spaces content management platform. No need to upgrade the app, just the content.

Plug and Play

Instant Beacon activation!


Manage your beacon fleet online from anywhere with no need to develop a dedicated app.



activate your beacons!


Select the right beacons for your venue

• Use Presentize to map content playlists to beacons.

• Use images to represent location or information. Use videos to entertain.

Services we offer

• We help each client select the right beacons hardware for their venue.

• We help you focus on the experience not the technology.

Map playlists of images and videos to beacons

• Download the public's app from the play store to test the experience.

• No need to create a dedicated mobile app!

When you aren’t sure what to do at the venue tell the Consultant what you’re interested in for a list of suggestions and guidance getting to them

Location Finder

Define the right location-enabled experience for your venue

Friend Finder

Custom Interactivity


Find the location of people you know at the venue


Use Cases

Track where you are at the venue

Learn about what attractions and activities are nearby

We can easily customize location-based interaction unique to your venue and location

Zoos & Parks

Shopping Malls & Department Stores


Wait times for nearby attractions

Additional information on attractions

Special promotions throughout the park

Advertise to those standing in lines

Parking Assistance

Gameday information

Concession and gift deals

Live viewing

Who needs Beacons?

Sports Arenas

Loyalty programs

Location in the mall

Store suggestions based on style

Way finding

Learn about nearby exhibits

Self-guided tours

Get deals for the museum gift store

Scavenger hunt

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